Our Work

The diverse members of the Global Alliance for Genomics and Health are working together to create interoperable approaches to catalyze projects that will help unlock the great potential of genomic data. Our four Working Groups advance Initiatives that develop key Work Products.

Work Products Open for Comments:

Our Projects

Demonstration Projects showcase the value of data sharing.

  • Beacon ProjectBeacon Project »

    Tests the willingness of international sites to share genetic data in the simplest of all technical contexts.

  • BRCA ChallengeBRCA Challenge »

    Aims to advance understanding of the genetic basis of breast and other cancers using data from around the world.

  • Cancer Gene TrustCancer Gene Trust »

    The Cancer Gene Trust is an online network for sharing somatic cancer genomic and clinical data from around the world.

  • Matchmaker ExchangeMatchmaker Exchange »

    A federated network of rare disease data sets, which allows researchers to locate data on rare phenotypes or genotypes of interest.