How We Work

GA4GH produces high-impact deliverables to enable data sharing and catalyzes key projects to demonstrate value.

Global Alliance How We Work Diagram

New Needs are Identified, Assessed, and Prioritized

The Working Group Executive Committee and the GA4GH Steering Committee identify, assess, and prioritize new needs based on criteria including alignment with GA4GH mission and goals, large impact on data sharing stakeholders, and geographic diversity.

Initiatives are Developed by Working Groups

Working Groups develop Initiatives, which include Tasks and small-scale projects.

  • A Task Team has a time-bound mission and delivers key products.
  • Small-scale projects are specific to a Working Group.

Value is Demonstrated Through Projects

GA4GH demonstration Projects use and improve on Work Products and demonstrate the value of data sharing through practical application of our work. These, and other large-scale projects, have broad impact on data sharing stakeholders, reach a diverse community, and may require many resources.