The Global Alliance for Genomics and Health is a collaborative, global partnership led by a Steering Committee and an Executive team, and guided by a Strategic Advisory Board.

The role of the Steering Committee is to make high-level decisions about the direction, values, and working products from the Global Alliance. Steering Committee members are established through a nomination process and, as a group, reflect the diversity of perspectives, backgrounds, and geography of the Global Alliance generally. The Steering Committee appoints a Committee Chair and an Executive Director for the Global Alliance.

The Strategic Advisory Board is composed of international leaders in the fields of genomics research, medicine, and patient advocacy, and includes representatives from the host institutions and major funding bodies of the GA4GH. The Board provides high-level guidance and insight on areas for strategic growth, and guides our direction as an emerging thought leader on clinical and genomic data sharing.

Global Alliance partners compose a plenary body and collaborate to advance its mission. These partners participate in Working Groups and other committees.

The Steering Committee and Working Groups are supported by professional staff, located at Host Institutions.

Global Alliance Organizational Structure

Global Alliance - Organizational Structure

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