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The work of this team was completed in May 2015.The Privacy and Security Policy Task Team is developing a Privacy and Security Policy for genomic and clinical data sharing in line with the aims of the Security Working Group’s ‘Security Infrastructure’, the Framework for Responsible Sharing of Genomic and Health-Related Data, the work of the Regulatory and Ethics Working Group’s Data Safe Havens Task Team, and international privacy norms and security standards.


  • Graeme Laurie
    • University of Edinburgh
    • Edinburgh, Scotland
    • Lead, Group



  • Graeme Laurie , University of Edinburgh , Edinburgh, Scotland
  • Fabiana Arzuaga , Advisory Commission in Regenerative Medicine and Cellular Therapies , Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Dixie Baker , Martin, Blanck and Associates , Redondo Beach, United States
  • Paul Burton , University of Bristol , Bristol, United Kingdom
  • Hugh Dawkins , Health Department of Western Australia , Perth, Australia
  • David Houlding , Intel Health and Life Sciences , Portland, United States
  • Terry Kaan , University of Hong Kong , Hong Kong, China
  • Kazuto Kato , Osaka University, Graduate School of Medicine , Osaka, Japan
  • Katherine Littler , Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute , Hinxton, United Kingdom
  • Tamra Lysaght , National University of Singapore , Singapore, Singapore
  • Brad Malin , Vanderbilt University , Nashville, United States
  • Mark Rothstein , University of Louisville , Louisville, United States
  • Ugis Sarkans , EMBL-European Bioinformatics Institute , Hinxton, United Kingdom
  • Jessica Scott , GlaxoSmithKline , North Carolina, United States
  • Jennifer Stoddart , former Privacy Commissioner of Canada , Ottawa, Canada
  • Mark Taylor , University of Sheffield , Sheffield, United Kingdom
  • Effy Vayena , University of Zurich , Zurich, Switzerland
  • Chris Whalley , Amazon Inc , Seattle, United States