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This task team will create a living inventory of app-based human subjects research with publically available, delocalized, self-guided, internet-based, electronic informed consent processes (eConsent) with or without remote support. The inventory will not include app-based human subjects research that have one or more mandatory in-person informed consent process steps.
We acknowledge that this inventory will not be exhaustive due to the rapid proliferation of these studies and the lack of an existing centralized catalogues. This inventory will be platform- and device-agnostic. The inventory will be international, although only studies whose consent processes are available in English will be included at this time.
As a natural offshoot of assembling this descriptive inventory, this task team will create a statement of best practice highlighting key issues we observe in this space and considerations for both academic and industry researchers, designers, and coordinators as well as interested members of the general public.




  • Megan Doerr , Sage Bionetworks , Seattle, United States
  • Jeremy Block , Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center , New York, United States
  • Sarah Moore , Sage Bionetworks , Seattle, United States
  • Joanne Ngeow , National Cancer Centre Singapore Singapore
  • Anne-Marie Tassé , P3G , Montreal, Canada
  • Andrew Trister , Sage Bionetworks , Seattle, United States
  • Susan Wallace , University of Leicester , Leicester, United Kingdom
  • Ingrid Winship , Royal Melbourne Hospital , Melbourne, Australia
  • Ma’n Zawati , Centre of Genomics and Policy , Montreal, Canada