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Metadata: everything but the sequence.
The Metadata team is designing datamodels to define technical, individual and sample related metadata. This will provide an interoperable specification to best meet the requirements of the other DWG teams, with the minimum needed to support the use cases.
The aim is to support data representation from a diverse range of sources handled in separate domains through a simple, flexible schema, to be expanded as and when required. Ontology spaces are assigned to data domains, ontologies being recommended rather than prescribed, allowing implementations to adopt as appropriate; building on and refining those that already exist rather than creating new. The schema uses a Universally Unique Identifier (UUID), giving each object or variant a permanent, trackable identity which allows for a multitude of phenotypes, disease states and changes over time while avoiding duplications.
The Metadata team has close links with other DWG TT (G2P etc) and with the Pistoia Alliance, CDISC and the EBI Ontology service. Members of these groups and other groups are represented on the task team