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Working to establish linkages to phenotypic and clinical (health) informatics data and aligning genomic data activities with the ongoing international standards initiatives in clinical and health data. Learn More »


Concentrates on data representation, storage, and analysis, including working with platform development partners and industry leaders to develop standards that will facilitate interoperability. Learn More »

Regulatory and Ethics

Focuses on ethics and the legal and social implications of the Global Alliance, including harmonizing policies and standards, and developing forward-looking consent, privacy procedures, and best-practices in data governance and transparency. Learn More »


Leads the thinking on the technology aspects of data security, user access control, and audit functions, working to develop or adopt standards for data security, privacy protection, and user/owner access control. Learn More »

Member Agreement


This Membership Agreement establishes that the below-referenced individual is a Member of the Global Alliance for Genomics and Health (Global Alliance). All information and criteria in this Membership Agreement are consistent with and represented in the Constitution of the Global Alliance.

Background and Mission

The Global Alliance is an independent, not-for-profit association, comprised of organizations and individuals from diverse fields such as healthcare, research, disease advocacy, life science and information technology, dedicated to improving human health by maximizing the potential of genomic medicine.

The mission of the Global Alliance for Genomics and Health is to accelerate progress in human health by advancing a common framework of harmonized approaches that enables effective and responsible sharing of genomic and clinical data, and by catalyzing initiatives that drive and demonstrate the value of data sharing.

More information regarding the principles, work, governance, and structure of the Global Alliance can be found in the Constitution.

Membership Rights and Responsibilities

Members are individuals, either in the not-for-profit or for-profit sector, in fields such as healthcare, public health, biomedical and other research, information technology and life sciences, and disease and patient advocacy that subscribe to the mission, founding principles, and goals of the Global Alliance.

Membership rights and criteria are set forth in the Constitution, which are subject to change following the Amendment process detailed in the Constitution. As of the date set forth below, the following rights and criteria apply.

Members may play various roles, including membership of Working Groups, other committees, and the Steering Committee.

Subject to availability of resources and consistent with their own mission and policies, Members are expected to contribute substantially to the capabilities and capacity of the Global Alliance in the following ways:

  • Commit to the Global Alliance’s shared mission and principles of responsible data sharing;
  • Collaborate on issues, knowledge and best practice, and contribution to the development of interoperable tools and methods; and
  • Catalyze data sharing, to the greatest extent possible and appropriate to your organization’s mission, through participation in data sharing activities and by advocating for the use of harmonized approaches to share data responsibly.

Recognizing that genomic and clinical data sharing is a relatively new and evolving ethos, Members are not required to commit to a particular threshold of data sharing as a condition of membership in the Global Alliance. Participation in specific data sharing projects, initiatives, or networks developed or catalyzed by the Global Alliance may carry additional data sharing requirements that go beyond this agreement.

Members that do not adhere to the mission and founding principles of the Global Alliance, or that act in such a way as to damage the interests or reputation of the Global Alliance, may be removed from Membership by a majority vote of the Steering Committee.

A Member may resign at any time by sending a written notice to the Executive Director of the Global Alliance at the following address:

By signing this membership agreement, the below-referenced organization agrees to participate as a Member of the Global Alliance.

This agreement is not intended to and does not create any legally binding financial or other obligation on the part of the signatory organization or between the signatory organization and the Global Alliance or any of the partner organizations and does not establish a joint venture, partnership, association or other entity.