Catalogue of Global Activities - Mendelian


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In line with Clinical Working Group’s desire to not reinvent the wheel and learn from existing endeavours, the group has created the catalogue of current activities related to data sharing to be used as a resource for researchers and clinicians. The Work Product will include a list of specific activities for sharing data on Mendelian Genetic Disorder with a brief description, website information and contact information compiled for each activity.




  • Kathryn North , Murdoch Childrens Research Institute , Melbourne, Australia
  • Gil Alterovitz , Harvard Medical School , Boston, United States
  • Kym Boycott , Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario Research Institute , Ottawa, Canada
  • Mark Lawler , Queen's University Belfast , Belfast, United Kingdom
  • John Mattison , Kaiser Permanante , Pasadena, United States
  • Andrew Morris , University of Edinburgh , Edinburgh, Scotland
  • Anthony Philippakis , Broad Institute , Cambridge, United States
  • Heidi Rehm , Harvard Medical School , Boston, United States
  • Peter Robinson , The Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Medicine , Farmington, United States
  • Dan Roden , Vanderbilt University School of Medicine , Nashville, United States
  • Charles Sawyers , Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center , New York, United States
  • Lillian Siu , University Health Network , Toronto, Canada
  • Volker Straub , Newcastle University , Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom
  • Bin Tean Teh , National Cancer Center , Singapore, Singapore